Getting Started with Gearing in Lost Ark

As with every MMO that you play gear becomes a huge focus for progression and enjoyment. Lost Ark is no different and this ramps up as you progress through to the end game.

As you grind your way through Lost Ark you will be able to find 4 different levels of gear: Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Relic.

Lost Ark Gear Tier System

Tier 1: This gear can be obtained from Vern Abyssal and Rohendel and is the start of endgame gear grinding. Tier 1 can push your gear score up to a level of 600 before you then move on to Tier 2 gear.

Tier 2: This is gear from Yorn Abyssal and Gate of Paradise Abyssal. Pushing Tier 2 gear to max level really starts to use a lot of valuable resources. You should do everything you can when honing items to ensure your % success rate is as high as possible even if it means using some of your valuable gold. 

The cost of buying the crafting materials is very expensive and the grind can take some time. This is really the part of Lost Ark where some players start to talk about the end game being pay to win as it can be made faster by using the store. Tier 2 can be pushed to a gear score of 1100.

Tier 3: This is gear from the very end levels of the game. As of release in February 2022 this is some of the best gear that you will be able to find and develop. 

It will take time, patience, and skill to develop these sets. This tier will be a grind but it will be very rewarding, to say the least!

How to gear up in Lost Ark

To get end game gear you need to progress to level 50 and unlock Chaos Dungeons. You then travel to the continent of Vern!

Once at end game in Lost  Ark you will notice immediate huge upgrades from the basic stuff you’ll have found during your adventure so far.

Before you can enter the Chaos Dungeon, you will need to continue doing the main story quests until you reach Vern Castle and unlock the Chaos Dungeons and the Honing System (which is very important, and we’ll get cover later.

By defeating the Chaos Dungeons, which are essentially waves of enemies you must slay in a certain amount of time, you’ll get an item level 302 gear that will be able to be upgraded continuously.

As a plus to doing the Chaos dungeons you’ll receive the materials to upgrade the piece, so why not smash through the Chaos Dungeons and get both the rewards for one effort!

You will find the chaos dungeons form a large part of your end game experience!

Another way to get an item level 302 gear set is to continue through the main storyline quests, this means ignoring the Chaos Dungeons and continuing with the Shushire region and after some hours of gameplay, you’ll get the endgame gear as a reward!

Upgrading your gear in Lost Ark

To continue your progress in Lost Ark you will need to Hone your items to improve their item level. Once you have your first set of 302 item level gear you can visit NPC that allows you to hone the items.

For now, you should focus on what you have right now and get your honing level up on the gear. You’ll be able to transfer the Honing level to the better gear further down the line.

To transfer your honing level, you’ll need to be at the NPC and click the Transfer button, this allows you to pick your better new gear and transfer the honing level off your older gear to the new one with a small cost of silver included to make it happen.

This process saves the progress that you have been grinding out, so you don’t have to restart the honing experience.

To upgrade your gear, head to the honing NPC. There you’ll see a list of all the items you have that are possible to upgrade.

To get a piece ready for honing, you’ll essentially feed Harmony Shards to that item until its EXP bar is full.

Once that’s done, it’s ready to be honed. You can then spend Harmony Leapstones, as well as Destruction Stone Fragments (for weapons) or Guardian Stone Fragments (for armour), to upgrade your gear to a higher item level.

The best way to get the upgrade resources materials is through Chaos Dungeons, Guardian raids, and Una’s tasks as well as island quests!

These areas are the best way to hone your gear and unlock the newer tiers of content. Make sure you are doing the maximum you can each day to get the maximum resources allowing you to hone your gear quicker.

You can check out our full gear guide for Lost Ark here but hopefully, this gives you enough information to get started on your journey.

Good luck pushing through the gear levels in Lost Ark!



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