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Gear plays a major role in Lost Ark and defines your character progression. Its power is used as a gatekeeper to endgame content. There are a few key factors which affect your items and establish how good they are. Various resources need to be spent to increase the level of your items. It is a crucial part of the game as it will increase its attributes, damage, defenses and add some visual effects.


Your gear can be divided into two main categories:

Basic equipment:




2x Earrings
2x Rings
Stone of Birth

Basic equipment affects your character item level and can be upgraded to higher levels. Accessory works as a filler to your gear. It cannot be upgraded but in some cases can be equipped only after you reach a certain item level.

Gear pieces can drop in one of six rarities: common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary and relic.

Gear Statistics

Depending on their category, items in Lost Ark always have Basic and Bonus Effects.

1. Armor pieces(helm, shoulders, chestpiece, pants, gloves)

As you can see on the image above Basic Effects consist of 4 statistics: Physical Defense, Magical Defense, Vitality  and on of the attributes (Strength/Dexterity/Intelligence). Bare in mind that every item in the game has all three attributes but game chooses one which will be active based on your class.

Bonus Effect consist of: Physical Defense, Magical Defense, Vitality.

2. Weapons

For weapons Basic Effect is simply Weapon Power. Whereas Bonus Effect is % Additional Damage.

Basic and Bonus effects provide you with similar statistics. But while the amount of basic effect statistics is affected by rarity and item level of an item, bonus effects are being affected by item quality which can variate between 0 and 100.

2. Jewellery (necklace, rings, earrings)

For jewellery Basic Effects are Strength/Dexterity/Intelligence (one of those statistics depending on the class you are playing) and Vitality.

As to Bonus Effects, each jewellery piece will have 2 out of 6 available statistics. The available statistics are: Crit, Specialization, Domination, Swiftness, Endurance, Expertise.

2. Stone of Birth

Stones of Birth only offer Basic Effect bonus in the form of Vitality. Bare in mind it’s a decent chunk so make sure to have a high item level piece. Further more Stones of Birth offer bonus to engraving nodes. More on that here.

How to get upgradable gear (ilvl 302)

To start this process of upgrading items you will need to obtain basic equipment with item level 302. There are two methods of doing that:

1. Run Chaos Dungeons until all basic equipment pieces drop. This method allows you to get ilvl302 gear a bit quicker in regards to quest line progression but also has random elements. Since you are eligible to enter Chaos Dungeon only two times per day there is a chance that you wont get all necessary items in one day.


2. Complete the questline of Shushire. This method is a bit more time consuming but since the quest reward for completing the last main story quest is a box with all needed items you have a 100% chance to get all needed items. 

How to upgrade gear

You need to find a Gear Honing NPC which is located in every major city. Choose the “Gear Honing” tab and pick from the list item you want to upgrade.

Gear Is being upgraded in two steps:

  1. Upgrade gear exp to 100% by using Harmony Shards
  2. Once item is at 100% gear exp click Gear Honing button and confirm
  3. Congratulations you have upgraded your item +1 level

Gear Upgrading Materials

To upgrade gear you will need to have certain amounts of materials. Number or materials needed to upgrade an item increases with its level.

Upgrading gear expHarmony Shards

Gear Honing – Destruction Stone (Weapon) or Guardian Stone (Armor) + Harmony Leap Stone

Note: Every upgrade after +11 will cost us an extra amount of gold

Upgrading Success Rate

Between +1 and +6 the chance to upgrade your items is always 100%. Once your item is at +6 chance to succeed decreases but if you will fail and upgrade nothing bad happens to your item. Only materials you have spent are destroyed. For every failed attempt, the chance of success increases, which highly reduces the RNG aspect of gear upgrades past +6. After a failed attempt, you don’t have to use harmony shard again.

Transferring upgrades to another item

It is possible to transfer upgrades from one item to another. Let’s say you have upgraded your helmet with poor quality to +5 and you have found one with better quality or higher rarity. In that case it’s possible to transfer the upgrade level to a better base item. To do so visit the Gear Honing NPC and click on the “Gear Transfer” tab. Select items you want to transfer. Keep in mind that after transferring an upgrade item on the right side will be sacrificed and destroyed in order to upgrade the item on the left side!

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