Gear Honing in Lost Ark Explained

Gear Honing is an in-game system that allows you to enhance or upgrade gear, including weapons and armour.

The character level, weapons, and armour will obtain a Level that can only be improved through Gear Honing. Therefore, it is vital to get going on the gear honing early, so you don’t get left behind!

Having enough Gear Honing materials to upgrade your gear is essential. The honing materials you will need are Harmony Shards, Stone Fragments and Harmony Leapstones.

As weapons and armour can only be upgraded using the materials mentioned above, the type of materials you’ll be using depends on which gear to upgrade.

Both Guardian and Destruction Stone Fragments upgrade weapons while Harmony Shards and Leapstones for armour.

This is important for when you need to farm resources as you may want to focus on armour more than weapons especially early into the game.

Once the weapons and armour reach the second and third tiers, the materials required will adjust. The fragments will become ores or stones, so ensure that you’ve collected enough honing materials to match the gear type to upgrade. This will be resource-heavy so when you can farm them, please do!

To start levelling up the gear, you will need to head to the map and locate the hammer icon, which will indicate the Gear Honing NPC. Speak to the NPC to bring up the menu, which will display the upgrade button.

Select which gear items you’ll want to upgrade on the left side of the screen and click on the “Upgrade” button. This will bring you to the gear upgrade menu, where you can select the number of honing materials and silver to perform the upgrade before clicking “Upgrade” once again.

A meter or orb will begin to monitor the upgrading process. Once the meter reaches 100%, click the “Gear Honing” button to choose additional honing materials and their rate for success or failure.

There will be many fails but eventually, you’ll get there!

If the honing process fails, which is likely at the higher tiers, it won’t damage the item, just the items used.

Instead, it improves the chances of the following successful honing process, which can be viewed by locating the Artisan’s Energy. Once you’ve added the additional materials required, which will improve the upgrade’s success, you can select the “Gear Honing” button to complete the upgrade process.

Once your armour and weapons reach Level 6 and higher, you can add Star’s Breath which will improve the success rate percentage of the upgrade.

It would be best to use Star’s Breath if the success rate is somewhat below 90% or until you progress further in the game when the difficulty increases.

Honing gear in Lost Ark can be frustrating, however, it is the core for progressing your character so buckle in for the ride and try not to get too upset by failed upgrades!



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