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Lost Ark is an isometric RPG, with a diagonal top down camera view.  Save for a few circumstances you can’t really move or rotate the camera. It’s fixed to your character. 

So understanding how the camera works in PvP and how it affects your field of view is pretty significant if you want a competitive edge.

Forced 21:9 Aspect Ratio

The first thing – arguably the most important to shout out – is Lost Ark has native Ultrawide support. Sadly, in PvP, this means that not having an ultrawide resolution results in a smaller field of view.

Look at the view difference as I overlay a 16:9 aspect ratio over my 21:9. As my camera goes further, I get to see more than others who don’t have a 21:9 Aspect Ratio.

You can see that the cutoff point for someone with a lower aspect ratio is quite significantly shorter than my own. 

But don’t worry – the game isn’t gonna force you to buy an Ultrawide monitor just to be competitive in PvP. It knows that this may give an unfair advantage, so it accommodates for it.

If you go into video settings, you’ll see a “Force 21:9 Aspect Ratio” option. That way, everyone can have an equal playing field – whether you have an ultrawide or not.

PvP Field of View Explanation

Sometimes though, you get hit from offscreen. To you, they were offscreen –

-but to them you were openly in their field of view.

This has nothing to do with 21:9. For players the camera is tilted – you’ll notice the stage doesn’t quite line up. What should be a straight top and bottom is at an angle instead.

Worse yet, it isn’t tilted in the same way for both teams. Despite being on the same stage, your enemy’s camera is angled in a different direction.

They see the stage one way and you’ll see the stage the other way.

The lines intersect. You should be able to tell, but there is a 90 degree shift in perspective from one camera to another. It is a little easier to understand if we look at it from a neutral view.

Let’s overlay some rectangles on top of players.

You can see that the top and bottom of the Red Team’s Camera, lines up with the sides of the Blue Team’s Camera. 

There’s the 90 degree shift. This means that there are times that one player can see the other, but the other can’t see them back. When in PvP, you have to keep this in mind at all times. 

Remember – the top and bottom of your screen are the sides of your enemy’s screen. And since screens are wide rectangles and not squares, it means they may see you, when you can’t see them.

The same applies to them though, so you can use this to your advantage.

PvP Field of View Examples

Let’s show some examples here so you can see just how it all works from both perspectives. 

Here’s the scene from one point of view:

Now the other:

You may just be walking across the map:

And you won’t even realise that someone may be chasing after you:

By drawing a line, we can see more or less the level of advantage that looking from the sides can give. Though it’s important to call out how the timer at the top and the HUD at the bottom can influence one’s field of view.

The distance in which someone can’t be seen directly above and below is lower than if they’re slightly to the sides. This is because the UI can get in the way of your field of view. You can use Alt+X to hide your timer at the top. This will let you see further up.

But keep in mind this hides the Hard CC resistance bar, so be wary when doing this.

With this in mind, let’s redraw some of the lines. If the timer and skill HUD hide someone, then the red line is the cutoff point. If they don’t however, then the orange line is the cutoff point.

Don’t forget though, that people can still hide the timer at the top. Even if it costs them the Hard CC bar. And in Ranked matches, the timer is a lot smaller and more transparent than casuals or customs.

Always assume the worst when approaching from the enemy’s top side.


Now that we’ve gone over the strange gimmick that is Field of View in lost ark PvP, let’s summarise what we’ve covered:

First and foremost: a 21:9 aspect ratio can give an advantage in PvP. So make sure to use the forced setting if you don’t have an ultrawide, or you’ll have a handicap on your field of view.

When going into PvP, cameras are skewed. What you see and what the enemy sees is quite different. The camera shift is about 90 degrees.

Try to remember: the top and bottom of your field of view will be the widescreen sides of your enemy’s field of view.

So always be wary of players directly above or below.

Someone might be right behind you-

-and you won’t even know it.

So move accordingly.

But keep in mind the extent of the effect varies due to the timer and skill HUD.

So next time you get rushed from offscreen, remember that even if you couldn’t see them, they could see you.


  • The game does not have support for any aspect ratio greater than 21:9. Getting a 49″ monitor won’t give you a greater advantage – the forced 21:9 option is all you need.

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