Flame Fox Yoho Guide

Flame Fox Yoho is the third Guardian Boss in Raid Level 2 and consists of three phases. There is no fixed %HP value or time needed for boss phase two transition and it will happen without clear indication. Phase three always starts after Yoho escapes for the first time. Each phase adds new abilities to his pool or enhances existing ones. Encounter by itself is considered hard due to the fact the boss has a wide range of strong abilities and leaves Burning Grounds which deal damage over time to players within their range. Time increases difficulty even more because Burning Grounds does not have a lasting period. Encounter can end up with the whole screen covered with them. Only way to remove Burning Grounds is to stagger the boss and Whirlwind Grenades help with that immensely. Additionally players will be getting Burning Soul debuff which increases their damage and attack speed.

Category Requirement
Item Level
Players Required

Battle Items

-HP Recovery potion - This is only way to heal yourself during the fight

-Panacea - Removes harmful status effects, used to remove burn debuff applied by the boss.

-Whirlwind Grande - This type of grenade deals decent damage and applies a lot of stagger


On of this items:


-Protective Potion - Creates shield of 15% max HP for 8 seconds

-Pheromone Bomb - Prevents boss from running or teleporting into different parts of arena

-Flare - Once used shows boss location on map. Useful at the start of the fight or if the boss teleports away.

Weak to
10% more damage taken from Water Element



Boss jumps forward pushing players back.

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Boss fires frontal fast traveling fiery projectiles.

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Fire Breath

Boss channels cone shaped fire in front of him.

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Tail Spin

Boss performs 360 degree tailspin pushing player back.

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Boss performs 360 degree tailspin and summons his clone which also does tailspin.

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Boss charges forward knocking down players in his path.

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Fire Nova

Boss casts fire nova pushing players back.

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Boss teleports to random location near players.

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Ring of Fire

Boss fires 5 projectiles which after a short period of time starts spinning. Pushes player closer to the boss when hit.

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Sky Dive

Boss flies into the air and dives back stomping the ground after a short period of time. Knocks players down on contact.

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Tail Swipe

Boss swipes his tail pushing players back.

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Power up

Boss becomes immobilized and starts casting power up ability. This is a great time to deal as much damage to boss as possible since his is defenceless.

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P2 Orbs

Boss casts five projectiles which become orbs once they reach a final destination and starts fierying projectiles in random directions.

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P2 Fire Rain Walk

Boss starts casting a series of meteor types projectiles while walking. Players gets knocked down on contact.

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P2 Triple Jump

Boss performs three jumps in a row pushing players back.

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