Emotes Guide

In many different MMORPG game emotes serves as a way for non-verbal communication. Lost Ark developers went a step further and decided that it will also be a great way to approach NPCs. Emotes are used to progress quests and build relationships with non-player characters. 

Game offers a wide range of different emotes which can be obtained by completing quests, gathering collectibles, progressing Adventure’s Tome or are bought from vendors for basic and special currencies.

Is it mandatory to collect all the emotes?

It is not mandatory to have all the emotes. At some point missing an emote of them will be preventing you from completing a quest or activity. This will result in slower character progression.

When should I start collecting emotes?

Basic emotes will be granted to you after completing parts of the main quest line. General approach is to gather as you go to progress with quests or activities.

How to use emotes?

There are two different ways to use emotes. You can just click Community -> Emotes to open card with all owned emotes or type in chat /emote_name for example /respect



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