Battle Items

Battle items are various types of consumables. They can be used to buff or heal yourself but also to deal damage. In Lost ark there are four main types of battle items: Combat Healing Potions, Utility Items, Buff Items and Offensive Items. These types of items cannot be bought from vendors. Rather than that you have to either craft them or receive as a reward from special chests. Additionally, battle items cannot be used from bags and during the dungeon or raid your character can have only four battle items on its hotbar.

Acquisition Methods:

  • Event Chests
  • Random Drops
  • Crafting
  • Auction House

Combat Healing Potions

Combat Healing Potions are instantly recovering a percentage of your HP. They can be used in both restricted areas like Guardian Raid or Abyssal Dungeon as well as in the open world. They come in four sizes(30%/45%/60%/60%). Besides the amount of HP recovered they also have different limits of uses within the instance (5/5/7/9).

Bombs and grenades

You cannot put the same type of battle item twice on your hotbar. Which means that you cannot use two different types of bombs or grenades. This is why some of them comes as Bombs and some as Grenades. These types of battle items are being used only in harder content or when absolutely required due to raid design.

Offensive battle items

Clay and Whirlwind Grenades Besides the damaging effect they also offer a very high amount of stagger. Secondary effect of Clay Grenade does not apply to Bosses or higher. This is the case for every Bomb and Grenade in the game. These two Grenades are very commonly used across the board. The harder content, the more mandatory they become. Not every class ability applies high stagger and this is where these battle items come in handy. 

Destruction Bomb – Besides the damaging effect they also apply “Weak Point Lv.3” or Part-Destruction. This is one of the most commonly used bombs in the game and DPS players are expected to bring them when needed.

Corrosive Bomb – The equivalent of Destruction Bombs for supports are Corrosive Bombs. It enhances Weak Point or Part-Destruction for items of skills during 20 seconds of its duration. For example if Destruction Bomb is applied monster gets Weak Point Lv.3. When Corroded Bomb is used on top of that Monster gets Weak Point Lv.4.

Dark Grenade – Reduces Defense of the target by 20% for 20 seconds. It is mostly used during big burst windows when the target is staggered or if you have to meet a certain dps check.

The rest of Bombs and Grenades are only being used in specific situations. Outside of that they are pretty much useless.

Flame Grenade – Deals fire damage on impact and over time in 0,5 second intervals. Sees fair amount of usage for root mechanics or to apply constand damage to stop targets from regenerating health. Mostly used in Valtan and Brelshaza.

Frost Grenades – Deals Water damage on impact and freezes non-boss targets. Used in Brelshaza to interrupt a target from charging up mechanic.

Sleep Bomb – Sleeps non-boss target until they get hit again. Specifically used in Vykass or Brelshaza to sleep allies that have turned rogue.

Electric Grenade – Deals Lightning damage on impact and over time for 6 seconds.

Flash Grenade – Deals Holy damage on impact and stuns non-boss target

Sacred Bomb – Removes negative status effects on allies like stun, fear, freeze etc.

Utility batle items

Signal Flare – Reveals position of the Guardian if you throw the flare. Usually used when entering Guardian Raids they are hiding somewhere on the map and signal flare will save you a lot of time searching for them. One of the most commonly used battle item on daily bases.

Time Stop Potion – Like the name says it stops the time for your character. It freezes you for a short period and makes you invulnerable to nearly all damage (Not working on wipeout mechanics). Works as a life saver in many cases and it’s recommended to have it on hotbar nearly all the time.

Other Utility Battle Items:

Pheromone Bomb – Keeps Guardians in current place instead of moving away. Luxury item to speed up your Guardian Raids. Very useful and someone should always bring it when doing Guardian Raids.

Panacea – Removes all negative effects from one self. Definitely useful in certain Raids and Dungeons.

Sacred Charm – Removes one debuff from a random party member. Mostly used by supports.

Campfire – Recovers HP and MP for the whole party in a small radius around it over time for 30 seconds. 

Taunting Scarecrow – Taunts enemies 3 times in 30 seconds. Can make your Raids and Dungeons easier.

Luterra’s Horn – Suppons allied soldiers that fight for you for 30 seconds.

Repair Shop Portal – This scroll brings you back to the starting point of the current instance. Generally useless.

Camouflage and Stealth Robes – Hides you from monsters. Generally useless for PvE content.

-Buff Battle Items- 

Similar to utility items but have different forms of utility. These items in general have very specific usages.

Marching Flag – Increases movement speed of your party in the area around you by 20% for 20 seconds. Useful if you know a mechanic is coming up where your party is required to move to certain spots in a short period of time.

Swiftness Robe – Increases your own movement speed by 40% for 12 seconds. Used by low agility classes with no movement tools for heavy movement phases or mechanics in certain Raids and Dungeons.

Adrophine Potion At the cost of 25% of your max HP, you gain 30% attack power and 20% attack/movement speed. Very specific item that is often used by Soul Master players to increase the damage of their Awakening.

Awakening Potion Refills your identity to 100%. Can be used by identity based classes like Shadowhunter, Paladin, Bard etc. to regain their abilities faster

Protective Potion – Creates a shield that is equal to 15% of you max HP. Not a bad item but also not commonly used due to the limited amount of battle items slots.

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