Lost Ark player base over 1.3 million

So how is the Lost Ark Player base doing after 1 week of the game being live? 

After a whirlwind launch to the public 7 days ago Lost Ark the new action MMO RPG Game from developer SmileGate has exceeded all expectations. In the first week Lost Ark has maintained a daily player base of over 1,000,000 concurrent players on steam.

What is Lost Ark

Lost Ark is a brand new (kind of) MMO RPG Game that was originally launched in the Korean market 2 years ago. Although originally, it was a slightly rocky start, over time they have developed the game experience that has allowed it to launch in the West to high expectation and polish for a newly launched MMO Game.

Lost Ark's Launch

Tainted by the failure of Amazon’s New World many people’s opinions were jaded when Amazon Game Studio announced that they would be publishing Lost Ark to a western audience in 2021.

Unfortunately, the original launch of the game was pushed back as the game still needed some work with its translations, however, last week Lost Ark went live and has blown away all expectations of the game.

How many people are playing Lost Ark?

Since Launch Lost Ark has seen and average of 639,753 active players on steam with a daily peak going over 1.1million consistently throughout the first week that it has been active.

This is huge as many people who follow the launch of MMO’s especially of recent years will know usually there is a short burst of hype for the game, followed by a drop in the player base before finding its place or eventually dying out.

Many content creators have seen their viewership explode over the past week with many twitch streamers having 200,000+ viewers at a time.

Lost Ark Stats

The future of Lost Ark

All of this maps out a very positive launch for Lost Ark and with many years of content already in the making, there are very high expectations for the growth of this game and the player base.

Unfortunately, this launch and the number of people wanting to play the game are not always positive. Due to the sheer number of people trying to get on and play Lost Ark many servers are well over capacity with queue times in Europe reaching as high as 12 hours to even be able to get on and play.

The developer SmileGate is working hard with Amazon Game Studios to release new servers and has even gone so far as to launch a new EU West Region in the game in hopes of allowing more people to join and get involved in this new and exciting world.

Whilst time will tell how well Lost Ark will deal with this demand there is a clear indication that the game is exactly what players were hoping for with New World, providing an engaging and exciting MMO Launch unlike any that we have seen in a long time.

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