Efficient leveling

On EU/NA release the maximum character level is 60. So why is level 50 so important? Generally speaking reaching level 50 is considered to be a point where you start endgame activities. At that level you start gaining access to dungeons, raids and gear upgrades. Most endgame instances have a daily or weekly entry limit. Reaching level 50 ahead of the curve allows you to stack more materials, kill some world bosses with less competition, start progressing your stronghold and gain advantage of the new server’s economy. Every player enjoys games in different ways and if you want to play slowly, listen to dialogues and soak into the Akrasia world, feel free to do just that. There is no right or wrong way to level up your character, these are just tips for people who want to enjoy the endgame as soon as possible.

Keystones of efficient levelling to 50

  1. Skip the Prologue which will save your around 30 minutes.
  2. Once you get your mount in early levelling stages try using it as often as possible even within cities or villages.
  3. Always dash off cooldown.
  4. Use automove/autosail, while doing that you can clean your inventory or put skill points into abilities.
  5. Skip dialogues by clicking “G” or mouse key.
  6. Use Song of Escape to leave dungeons and Song of Return if the game requires you to travel to the main city and the waypoint is nowhere near.
  7. You can chug flat regeneration health potions(avoid using %hp recovery potions since they are useful during endgame encounters) , the game will provide you with more than you need. If for any reason you will run out of them they are cheap to buy at the assigned vendor.
  8. Check if your class has any movement ability and use it off cooldown.
  9. Do not put skill points into more skills that you can use (have on your bar) and remember that Skill level 4,7,10 unlocks tripods which increases your damage even more.
  10. Do not grind unnecessary mobs.
  11. Aviod taking unnecessary paths. Watch your map and precisely travel only between objectives. This is especially important after getting your first ship and sailing throughout oceans.
  12. In many cases the game requires you to move backwards to a previously visited location. Because of that it’s absolutely crucial to click on every waypoint you pass by.
  13. If you see someone doing the same quest as you do, don’t hesitate to invite him to your party. Since all quest objectives are shared between players it’s a great way to alter your questing speed.
  14. Below level 50 you should not be focusing on having best in slot gear, items you get while questing or doing early dungeons should be enough for you to progress through the main story lane.
  15. Most early dungeons offer you to choose between easy and hard modes. You should always pick easy mode since hard mode only offers you the possibility of getting better gear rewards which during leveling is totally irrelevant.
  16. Do not complete any secret maps which drop below level 50. They are absolute waste of time and provide you with very minor rewards.
  17. Focus on completing main storyline quests and world quests. Only one you need to complete is [Guide] Learning About Pets which will provide you a pet which automatically picks up your loot and is available in 1st city.
  18. Lost Ark is a very absorbing game so remember to stay hydrated and don’t let yourself get sleep deprived.



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