Demon Beast Canyon

Demon Beast Canyon is the first Tier 1 Abyssal Dungeon. This instance is also first place in the game where players are introduced to the party wipe mechanic. It is considered to be a fairly easy dungeon but requires some form of communication and cooperation between all party members. In order to complete Necromancer’s Origin make sure that all players are familiar with mechanics and their roles.

Demon Beast Canyon consists of two bosses:

  1. Corrupted Vazuela
  2. Hideous Scarkril
Category Requirement
Item Level
Players Required

Battle Items

- HP Recovery potion - this is only way to heal yourself during the fight

- Protective Potion - creates shield of 15% max HP for 8 seconds

- Whirlwind Grande - this type of grenade deals decent damage and applies a lot of stagger

Corrupted Vazuela

Corrupted Vazuela is the first boss of Demon Beast Canyon with slow and telegraphic abilities. Only tricky thing about this fight are Blood Pools which are dealing damage over time to players within its range. They are being created by Vazuela randomly and linger for unlimited duration. To remove them simply stagger the boss with abilities or Whirlwind Grenades.

Attack Paterns


Boss turns into a massive balls and rolls forward knocking players down.


Boss starts casting big aoe and launches into air, after very short period of time falls down knocking players down.


Boss swings his arm pushing players back

Blood Explosion

Boss cast massive aoe explosion knocking players down.

Blood Pools

During fight pools of blood will be randomly spawning on the ground dealing damage over time to players inside.

Targeted Explosion

Boss marks one player with a crosshair symbol and after a short period of time starts casting blood explosion with a smaller aoe under marked player.

Hideous Scarkril

Hideous Scarkril is the second boss of Demon Beast Canyon. Much more agile and less predictable than Vazuela. What’s moderately difficult about this boss is party wipe mechanic called Burning Magic Core. where at 6 absorb stacks the boss goes into stealth mode and starts summoning orbs. Orbs respawn randomly in four parts of the arena: north, south, east, west. They should be focused by the whole party and destroyed as soon as possible. If party fails to destroy enough orbs in given time Scakril casts ultimate explosion one shotting the whole party.


(Mechanic) Orbs

Boss enters the immortal phase on reaching 6 absorb stacks and starts creating orbs. Orbs will be spawned in four locations, north, south, east, west and in each location orb has to be destroyed 4 times to end this phase. Additionally during that phase the boss will be teleporting to attacked orb and cast some abilities. If orbs won’t be destroyed under certain amount of time boss casts explosion which will wipe whole party.

Attack Paterns


Boss casts large cone shaped aoe ability.

Side Cone

Boss casts double sided cone shaped aoe ability.


Boss marks players with Circles. Any player within the Circle of other party members will take damage over time.

Bloody Orbs

Boss casts five fast traveling projectiles.

Teleport Spin

Boss teleports into random location and spins his hooks.

Teleport Swipe

Boss teleports into random location and performs two frontal swipes with his hooks.

Blood Mines

Boss casts multiple mines on the ground which explodes after short period of time knocking players down.


Boss targets a random player with his hook. Once hit player will be pulled by boss.

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