Deathblade PvP Guide

Whether through a flurry of blows or single, decisive strikes, Deathblade wreaks havoc among enemy lines in PvP.

The epitome of a bruiser, Deathblade is a well-rounded frontliner with great tools for initiation and defence – all while having some of the highest burst damage in the game.

Deathblade has a large number of lingers and immunities which make her a tricky class to engage in and peel. Although a melee-class herself, she excels in countering other melees with safe catching skills and high burst damage. Although her cooldowns are not the lowest, her identity is multipurpose – Paralysis, Push, Immunes, speed and damage buffs and reducing her cooldowns while packing hefty damage. “Deathblade” is without a doubt, an accurate name for the class.


Required Skill Points : 0









Desired Stats

750 Swiftness and 250 Domination.

250 Specialisation can also work, but only if you feel it gives you another use of 2-bead identity activation.


Always use Flash Blink for your Awakening. When you land it, you will generate a large amount of identity. By activating your identity before the final slash connects, you can benefit from the damage increase buff, making it some of the hardest hitting abilities in the game. When paired with regular burst skills, such as Moonlight Sonic, or the identity slash activation, Deathblade can single handedly turn games with her Awakening.

Alternate pods & skills

Death Sentence


Great catching skill with huge range and Paralysis immunity. A lot of Deathblades opt to not run Hard CC at all and use this instead, as it is a great initiation and peel tool that is difficult for many classes to counter.

Earth Cleaver

A more ranged/peel oriented approach for Deathblade. The hits inflict a dot that ticks for Paralysis after it procs, which means even if one immunes the Push, they still need to be wary. Damage isn’t bad, but mostly used to peel or force enemies out of the fight.


Highly defensive option that gives Deathblade Push Immunity while also having a very wide Push hitbox linger. Useful in lower ranks or against highly aggressive players, but may feel limiting at higher ranks as it can be punished by ranged.

Turning Slash

Run-of-the-mill Push Immune skill with mobility and wide range. Only inflicts hitstun but a surprisingly handy catching tool at times too. Easy safe option to use if struggling with Push Immunities.

Void Strike

Incredibly high damage skill that can be chained into a full charge Moonlight Sonic. Gives Deathblade some of the highest unrollable combo damage in the game, but can be tricky to pull off due to long charge and no immunities.


  • Learning how to use your identity properly is what distinguishes a good Deathblade from a bad one. It has so many uses – Paralysis on activation as an AoE around you to interrupt enemies, Push Immunity state on activation (both buff and attack), mana regen and cooldown reduction to allow you to maintain pressure, damage buff and a strong second use activation that Pushes enemies, which you can use to peel or to finish enemies off. Learn when and how to best use it and never overcap. 2-bead is usually most consistent, but don’t be afraid to 3-bead or even 1-bead for its advantages.
  • When running Maelstrom, don’t be afraid to just walk at enemies. Many Pushes in the game have a Paralysis element before the Push applies, which can make reacting to them very easy. Just your presence on the battlefield is enough to force enemies back.
  • While you have great damage, it can take a bit of setup. Save your space dash to avoid peel attempts by enemies and reposition for burst if necessary. Blitz Rush and Moonlight Sonic and incredibly long range, so you can afford to move.