Fast paced, ranged class that switches between double handgun, shotgun and rifle, to become a deadly source of damage to enemies at any range. Gunslinger playstyle feels really fluent with fast-movement, dashes, stylish animations and smooth transitions between stances. With extremely high dps potential comes the downside of one of the smallest healthpools and defences from all the available classes.

In Lost Ark we can observe a very unique approach to gender and classes. Even Though Deadeye is male version of Gunslinger there are major changes in abilities and animations. Gunslinger main damage dealing skills are balanced around Shotgun and Rifle stance while Deadeye is more focused on shotguns and close combat range.

Special Ability

Quick Stance allows Deadeye to fight with three gun sets at will, depending on the situation. Each weapon has a unique skill set which should be used based on enemy proximity. Shotgun provides strong aoe damage to nearby enemies, in medium range most suitable choice is handgun for wide range quick shots and rifle should be used in distance for precise and devastating sniper shots.

Combat Ratings

Burst Damage
Overall Damage

Skills Overwiev

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