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In Lost Ark all the transactions with NPCs and other players require various types of currencies which can be gained in different ways. Most commonly used ones are silver, gold and blue crystals as they are used in the majority of transactions occurring in the game. Every single currency item can be obtained while playing the game with one exception of royal crystals. Those are used to purchase items or services from official ingame store and can only be bought with real money.


Silver is the most common currency in Lost Ark. It’s also a very important one as it’s used for the majority of trades with vendors as well as a fee for crafts or transportation. There are multiple ways of getting Silver, like quests’ rewards, affinites, regular monster drops, endgame instances rewards etc. However it’s important to keep in mind that earning them is spread over time and there are no possible ways to farm big amounts at once. Majority of things you will be spending Silver on aren’t expensive but there are few which are very costly, for example a single reroll on a gem can cost over 100k.

Best places to farm Silver: visit Silver Acquisition Guide.


Gold is by far the most popular and desired type of currency. It’s used for buying items from auction house, for gear upgrades and for obtaining blue crystals. There are multiple ways of getting Gold which can be split into three segments. First of all, one-off gains like for example completing rapport or collectibles. Secondly, farmable activities that provide you with certain amounts on a daily or weekly basis. Lastly selling items on auction house which can bring you insane amounts for rarest and most desired pieces. Gold is considered to be the main limitation for the pace of your character progression in endgame.

Best places to farm Gold: visit Gold Acquisition Guide.

Blue Crystals

Blue Crystals are considered to be a premium currency which can be obtained in game without the need to spend real money. They can be used to buy selected items from the official game store and all the items from the Currency Exchange Market. It’s worth noting that offers on the Currency Exchange Market are rotating every 6 hours and have a limitation on how many copies of an item you can buy.  Additionally Blue Crystals are used to unlock pet skills or storage space. 

There are only two ways to obtain them without spending real money. Completing account levels and exchanging for gold on the auction house. Luckily lacking Blue Crystals isn’t the end of the world and you can play fine without them.

Best places to farm Blue Crystals: account levels, buying from Auction House for gold.

Royal Crystals

Royal Crystals are premium currency that can be only purchased by using real money. They are used in LOST ARK Shop which is an official ingame store that offers a huge variety of items. By spending Royal Crystals you can buy for example costumes, Blue Crystals, Pheons, Mounts and cosmetic items.

Best places to farm Blue Crystals: Royal Crystals cannot be farmed, they can only be bought by using real money.


Pheons are a currency used to purchase gear and costumes from the auction house. For every transaction made on the auction house you need to pay Gold to the player and a small amount of Pheons as a fee to the game. Luckily this limitation is only imposed on gear items (jewellery, weapons, armors etc.) and costumes. For example if you want to buy upgrading materials this Pheons fee won’t be imposed.

Although Pheons can only be bought from official game store, they have a blue crystal price which in result means that you don’t have to spend real money to get them. You can simply trade your gold for blue crystals and blue crystals for pheons. Worth noting that they might be obtainable from Crystalline Aura as well.

Best places to farm Pheons: not farmable, can only be bought form Official Game Store for Blue Crystals.

Exchange path: Gold -> Blue Crystals -> Pheons

Additionally there are some premium time limited buffs which will grant you special boxes containing Pheons on daily basis.

Pirate Coins

Pirate Coins are a currency used to trade with sea merchants. It allows to buy a wide range of goods, such as materials to upgrade your gear or ship, sailors etc. Additionally Pirate Coins are being used to trade with vendors on islands that sell songs or emotes. The only way to get this currency is by doing sailing activities and taking part in Co-op navigation missions. Trades offered by sea merchants have limitations of how many upgrading items can be bought on a weekly basis but it only applies to each character, so having alts allows you to buy more goods. This is why Pirate Coins, in hands of experienced players, are a powerful currency.

Another type of sailing currency is Voyage Coins, which can be traded for Pirate Coins and have very similar purposes and methods of farming as Pirate Coins.

There are three types of Voyage Coins: Givena, Kratos, Arctus.

Best places to farm Pirate Coins: Navigation Co-Op Missions, Gateways, Ghost Ship, Adventure Islands.

Rift Pieces

Rifts Pieces are a currency that can be used at assigned vendors to buy various types of boxes containing maps for secret dungeons. There is a wide range of rewards from these maps such as gems, catalysts or engraving books.

Best places to farm Rift Pieces: Chaos Gates.

Coins of Courage

Coin of Courage are a PVP type of currency that can be used at assigned vendors to buy a wide range of useful items such as upgrading materials, mounts, badges and many more. To obtain Coin of Courage you need to play PVP matches. After each game you will receive a bunch of tokens. Additionally after each week of PVP ranked season you will be granted some amount of tokens based on rank and W/L ratio.

Best places to farm Coins of Courage: Proving Grounds events.

Symael Crystals

Symael Crystals are a currency that can only be obtained while being a part of Guild. It is used to buy a wide range of items such as upgrading materials, tripod powder, chests containing shillings and much more.

Best places to farm Symael Crystals: guild activities and researches.

Providence Stones

Providence Stones are a currency that can be used at assigned vendors to buy two types of boxes with rewards. First one will grant you affinity items which are needed to increase relationships with NPCs and second one will grant you parts of costumes.

Best places to farm Providence Stones: Una’s Tasks.

Stronghold Orders

Estate Orders are a currency used in your Estate to trade with assigned vendors which will provide you with a wide range of items such as ship designs, crafting materials, affinity items and much more. The only one way to farm them is by sending your teams of sailors onto Headquarters missions.

Best places to farm Stronghold Orders: Headquarter Missions.

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