Chaos Dungeon Guide

Chaos Dungeon is the most popular and probably first endgame instance you will enter. It becomes available after reaching level 50 and progressing through the main storyline in North Vern. Chaos Dungeon is an easy instance which can be completed solo, even by supports.

Main objective of this dungeon is to kill hordes of monsters in order to fill the completion bar within the time limit.

Where are Chaos Dungeon entraces?

You will find entrance to the Chaos Dungeons in every major city. Look for a wing-shaped icon like the one you see on the image below.

Chaos Dungeons importance

Chaos Dungeon provides huge amounts of resources required for gear upgrades so should be considered as part of your daily routine. For people who are not interested in playing Lost Ark every day, the game offers a catch-up mechanic called Rest Bar.

Aura of Resonance

Aura of Resonance works as a ticket for Chaos Dungeon. It is capped at 100 points and it fully regenerates every day. Chaos Dungeon entry costs 50 Aura of Resonance points which means you can complete it twice a day for a full set of rewards.

Rest Bonus

If for some reason you haven’t used all daily entries, the game will add 10 points to the Rest Bar for every 50 Aura of Resonance points you were left with that day. Rest Bonus is capped at 100 points so after skipping 5 full days of Chaos Dungeon it will be maxed out.

20 Rest Bonus points are required to receive extra drops in the next Chaos Dungeon run and they will be automatically deducted once you enter an instance. Keep in mind that Rest Bonus points are not a substitute for Aura of Resonance points. When you skip 5 days, you will still be able to enter Chaos Dungeon only twice a day.


Let’s say you haven’t been running Chaos Dungeon for 4 days which means 80 Rest Bonus points were accumulated. To consume all 80 Rest Bonus points you will need 200 Aura of Resonance points (4 entries). Each day you get 100 Aura of Resonance so it will take you at least 2 days to consume all 80 Rest Bonus Points


Chaos Dungeon offers a wide variety of rewards based on which tier you have completed including:

  • Silver
  • Accessories
  • Cube Tickets
  • Gear Upgrading Materials
  • Stones of Birth
  • Gear Sets

Endless Chaos Dungeon Grinding

It is possible to enter and farm Chaos Dungeon even if your Aura of Resonance is at 0 points. Major downside of entering Chaos Dungeon without Aura of Resonance points is that regular items drop listed in the Rewards section are greatly reduced or removed. The loot table changes to Perception Shard and Disorder Crystals. These items can be traded at “Chaos Dungeon exchange” vendors for gear upgrading materials, engraving books and accessories. Keep in mind that availability of vendor items are limited and they are being restocked on weekly basics.

Chaos Dungeon Phases

Every Chaos Dungeon is split into three main phases. Rarely there will be a fourth bonus phase which grants additional drops and gold. Each phase has a time limit of 5 minutes but can be completed quicker if the monster’s kill bar reaches 20% for p1 /50% for p2 /100% for p3. Once it’s completed the portal to the next phase appears and after entering it timer resets.

Chaos Dungeon Tiers

Chaos Dungeon offers 5 stages of instances. Stages are additionally divided into levels. Completing a higher stage and level of dungeon increases its difficulty but also results in more and better rewards.

Entry requirements

Level Stage 1: North Vern Stage 2: Rohendel Stage 3: Yorn Stage 4: Feiton Stage 5: Punika
250 ilvl
460 ilvl
600 ilvl
960 ilvl
1100 ilvl
340 ilvl
500 ilvl
840 ilvl
1000 ilvl
1310 ilvl
380 livl
540 livl
880 livl
1040 livl
1325 livl
420 livl
580 livl
920 livl
1080 livl
11340 livl
1355 ilvl
1370 ilvl
1385 livl
1400 livl


  • North Vern Level 1 – Rohendel Level 4 Chaos Dungeon drops 302 ilvl Gear
  •  Yorn Level 1 – Feiton Level 4 Chaos Dungeon drops 802 ilvl Gear
  • Punika Level 1 – Punika Level 8 Chaos Dungeon drops 1302 ilvl Gear



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