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CC in Lost Ark is really important. With the competitive game mode being 3v3, managing your CC is crucial, both for defence and offence.

There are 4 main types of CC in Lost Ark.

Regular “Hitstun” or “Soft Stiffness” – this is when you just get hit by regular attacks and
abilities with no additional properties.

Paralysis” or “Hard Stiffness” – this is hitstun, but a little stronger, as it will force a hitstun
state where a skill or attack would have stopped it.

Push” or “Knockups, Knockdowns and Knockbacks” – this will juggle your character and
put them in a helpless downed state.

Lastly “Hard CC” or “Abnormal Effects”, of which there are many types. These will pierce
almost all abilities and resistances, and have very few ways of being immuned.


So let’s start with Hitstun. Hitstun may be the weakest CC, but it is also incredibly useful, as
it can lead to other, stronger forms of CC, like Knockups or Hard CC.

If you land a hit while the enemy is walking or standing still – so not in any sort of ability or
attack animation – they will be in hitstun for the duration of the skill.

Not all attacks inflict hitstun though. Some only do at certain points. While others don’t at all.

As Hitstun only applies if the enemy is not in an animation, even basic attacks can immune hitstun. All skills and attacks are immune to hitstun by default

Only while standing and walking are you vulnerable, so be wary, as this opens up punish points. While using a skill that inflicts hitstun, an enemy may simply basic attack through it to immune it, then punish you while you are in animation lock.

Additionally, if someone is kept locked down for 3 seconds, they will be forced into a downed state. Then they will start to get up with “All Immunity”. You can see that the forced downed state has happened based on the scales icon that appears over player characters.

All Immunity” means that no other forms of CC, be it Hitstun, Paralysis, Knockup or Hard CC will apply.

It is the get-up animation that has this.

So if another CC is applied in between one being forced into a downed state by scales and
starting their get-up animation, the CC will still apply. The scales will only force a knockdown.

The get-up is not immediate. You do not have All Immunity until the get-up begins.

There is also no damage limit for scales – one can lose the entirety of their HP before scales apply if the entire enemy team can damage fast enough. Not that it’d matter, as All Immunity
does not stop you from taking damage – it is protection only for CC.

Although Hitstun has many limitations, it is also incredibly powerful. Sometimes, one opening is all it takes for a kill.


Paralysis works exactly as Hitstun does, but it doesn’t care about abilities or animations. It will hitstun through them anyways.

This is useful for interrupting skills and catching people. Once you break through their defences, even regular hitstuns will apply to them.

Keep in mind though, not every skill is interruptible. A number of skills in the game have
Paralysis immunity.

Paralysis is probably one of the most important forms of CC to keep track of. Knowing what you can and cannot punish is the difference between you catching or being caught.

While skills may outline if they are paralysis immune or not, there is no indicator of whether a skill inflicts paralysis. The only way of knowing is through experience, as the game has no information source to discern paralysis as an offensive property.


Pushes, also known as Knockdown, Knockups and Knockbacks, will put your character in a
downed state.

They may lift and juggle your character before you are grounded, and during this time you cannot perform any actions. Even if you are not being hit anymore, you have until your character gets up before you can act again.

You are not entirely helpless though. Once downed, you can perform a “Ground Escape Roll“.

Your roll has a cooldown though, so if you get caught again you will be in trouble. This is arguably the most dangerous state to be in, as you can continue to be comboed and juggled freely. If you have no roll, you have no escape.

You can also take more damage during a Push or Hard CC, due to the “Domination” or “Subdue” stat.

Much like Hitstun and Paralysis though, there are some protection systems in place.

If you are juggled for more than 4 seconds, you will get up faster. A sort of diminishing returns is applied.

You can only be pushed 4 times, as upon the 4th Push being applied, player characters will gain All Immunity.

Do keep in mind that some skills may seem like they knock up multiple times, but as it is just one skill, it counts as just one knockup.

If you take more than 30% of your health in a single combo, then All Immunity is applied as soon as that threshold is met. If your combo includes Hitstun or Paralysis (standing combo), then it will begin the health threshold count from that.

Lastly, the get-up animation from a Push has All Immunity. It lasts about 90 frames from
initial get-up.

Just like Paralysis, there are skills that can immune Pushes. You can tell which skills are immune to Pushes based on the yellow outline around the player character. For as long as they have the outline, they cannot be Pushed.

Once the outline is gone, so is their immunity.

Additionally, all Push immune skills are also Paralysis immune. This is why Paralysis is ranked “weaker” than Push.

There are a few things to keep in mind though. Pushes can still proc scales if the hit occurs
after the 3 second limit.

But because of the All Immunity being on get-up, if Pushes are applied after the knockdown,
it will still work.

Also Pushes that knock characters up may leave characters too high to be hit. Even by Awakenings. So try to avoid Pushing enemies out of your allies’ attacks.

Hard CC

The final form of CC is Hard CC. Hard CC is the “strongest” CC – even Push immune skills do nothing.

In PvP we have Stun, Electroshock, Fear, Earthquake, Freeze, and Petrification.

Most Hard CCs allow you to be hit and Pushed during their duration.

Freeze and Petrification however, don’t.

While in Hard CC you cannot perform any action, much like other CCs. But Hard CC can overlap with other states. This means you cannot roll when knocked down.

Even if you have roll ready, you have to take the hits.

Keep in mind though, if Hard CC is applied as a hit after the 3 seconds, scales may apply, but so will the Hard CC. So you still cannot roll.

You also have a special interaction with pushes.

If the enemy is in Hard CC, Pushes can bypass the 3 second rule for scales. As long as you don’t apply Hitstun or Paralysis, you can apply a Push to a Hard CC’d target and convert that into a combo, even if the Push would otherwise have forced scales to occur.

You may also have noticed a blue bar above players’ heads after a Hard CC, or a glowing triangle bubble around characters?

This is a Hard CC immunity state. It lasts for 7 seconds. While players have the bar and the bubble, they cannot be Hard CC’d again until it expires.

You can use this to your advantage, as Hard CC cannot apply to you at all during this period. Or to your detriment, if you don’t notice the immunity of enemies.

Outside of the Hard CC Resistance State, there are only 2 ways of immuning Hard CC.

Some buffs in the game give a single stack of immunity. But this only resists one instance of Hard CC during the buff duration.

The second – and most common – is All Immunity. This can be from special skills, like Warlord/Gunlancer’s Counter, Space Dashes, Ground Escape Rolls, Awakenings, or certain special Identity Skills.

Although, given the limited immunities, the best way of resisting Hard CC is to not get hit by it to begin with.


● Just like Push immunity has a yellow outline, skills that are Paralysis immune have a faint white glow. I would not use this as a reliable indicator however, as there are a large number of skills in the game that do not follow this rule.

● If you use Alt+X to hide the UI (like the timer at the top), the Hard CC resistance bar is also hidden. The bubble is still there, but it’s quite hard to see.

● When it comes to heights, the character model factors in. Skills that don’t hit air can still hit characters as they’re falling close to the ground. Other skills that usually hit air, will not hit if enemies are taken too high. You have to experiment with heights to see what can and can’t hit at different heights.

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