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Cards in Lost Ark have two main purposes which are Deck Configurations and Collection. Both are providing bonuses to your character but their types are different as well as ways of setting them up. Additionally every card can be upgraded up to five awakening levels.

Is using Cards mandatory?

It is not mandatory to set up decks or fill up your collections but in some cases it may be considered as a free upgrade to survivability or damage for your character. So it is recommended to check once in a while if it’s possible to add some cards to the deck or switch to other combinations.

Deck Configuration

Cards are grouped into multiple categories from which you can pick to set up your deck. You are allowed to pick a maximum of six cards from one or more sets to fill up your deck but keep in mind that it is required to have at least two cards from the same set to receive bonuses.

Deck Bonuses

Each set of cards provides a unique type of bonuses. Different sets have different thresholds of unlocking those powers. Some require 2/4/6 cards, others provide maximum bonus at 3 cards so it is important to fill all 6 slots wisely. Additionally there are special bonus thresholds which can be achieved by increasing cards’ awakening level.

How to increase Cards Awakening Levels?

To level up your cards go to the third tab in the My Deck section and pick up cards you want to upgrade. To start this process you need to fill up the experience bar first. To do that pick any unwanted card (this card will be sacrificed!) with the same rarity and click upgrade. There are also special types of cards which are used only for upgrades. In that case their rarity doesn’t matter. Once your experience bar is full you need to have a duplicate of a card (this card will be sacrificed!) you want to upgrade, choose that card and proceed. After completing this operation your card will have 1st awakening level, to upgrade it higher process is the same but you will need two duplicates for level 2, three duplicates for level 3 etc. up to level 5 which is maximum. For maximum level you will need 15 duplicates plus cards to fill up experience bard for each upgrade. You may ask if it is worth it to spend so much time farming for level ups but bonuses granted by maxed out sets are insane so at some point of your journey you will get them!

Card Collections

Collections are being set up automatically and provide minor bonuses to statistics such as strength, dexterity, vitality, critical, defences etc. They require zero management but it is worth checking them sometimes to see if some easily accessible cards aren’t missing to fill out the set bonus.

Card Sources

Cards can be obtained from nearly every activity in Lost Ark such as quests, affities, world bosses, instances, sea events, merchants and much more. In some cases they will drop randomly and in others they can be target farmed.

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