Can You Switch Class In Lost Ark?

Can you switch classes? Yes, of course. Lost Ark isn’t a game that will lock you to one class it’s very beneficial to have alts. We’re going to break all this down below, along with the advantages and disadvantages of switching class in Lost Ark.

Advantages And Disadvantages

It’s not all smooth sailing with changing classes in Lost Ark. It’s going to cost you some gold and you’re going to be spending a lot of time catching up.


You don’t have to level up to 50 by questing once you’ve done it once. Knowledge transfer is your friend. This is where the gold cost comes in. It will cost you 600 gold. If you’ve just hit 50, you might not even have 600 gold, so please bear this in mind.


If you’re switching classes, you will now have an alt character. This can be used to farm gold, enhancement materials and even complete your una dailies. Alts are very important in Lost Ark, so the more alts the better!

Time Lost

Unfortunately, you have lost all that time you’ve spent leveling up your old class, but only if you’re not going to play it anymore. We can’t just keep repeating ourselves, you know what we’re going to say to use it for.  But keep it around, you might want to pick it up again and try it.


If you’ve done the island quests that give you materials to upgrade your tier 1 gear, well done. This is the most efficient way to get the materials! However, you may not have noticed, but these island quests are roster quests! You won’t be able to do them again on your new class. Sorry.

I Don’t Like My Class Anymore

You’ve hit 50, but you’ve fallen out of love with your class. This is a very common situation. There is a solution for you, it’s ok. Now that you’ve hit 50 you can knowledge transfer.

This means you can instantly boost another class straight to level 50. Forget about that leveling up, you never have to do it again if you don’t want to. There is no downside to boosting a character to 50, besides the gold cost. So, if you want to switch your class, go ahead.

I’m Past 50 And Have Good Gear

Ok, this is where it starts to get a bit annoying. You’ve put some time in to your main character but now you want to switch. Well, your time has not been wasted. You can still switch, but you will have to start from 302 gearscore again.

Thankfully, your old main can now be used as an alt to farm materials. The higher gearscore the alt, the higher the resource yield from it, so it’s a good thing. The only thing you won’t be able to transfer is the harmony shards or any bound items. So bad luck if you were hoping to.

Switching At Tier 2

You’ve hit tier 2, but now you want to switch class. Ok, well actually this still isn’t bad yet. Because you’ve hit tier 2 already, you can research a honing boost in your stronghold. This allows you 20% extra success rate and 20% resource reduction. Lost Ark really does respect your time.

Any of your left over materials from getting it to 600 gearscore can also be transferred over if tradeable. You should keep on farming the tier 2 content on your old main class to get the resources for tier 2 ready for your new main class. Or, farm the materials and sell them to buy tier 1 materials to upgrade it faster.

Switching at Tier 3

Still possible. The tier 3 materials from chaos dungeons and weeklies are very expensive, so sell them on and buy some upgrade materials for the lower tiers. By now, you’ll have some alts anyway, if you’re reading this at the time of publishing and you’ve hit tier 3 with no alts, we take our hats off to you. Very impressive!

Once again, there is research available at your stronghold that allows you 20% extra success rate and 20% resource reduction for tier 2 upgrades!

At tier 3 you’ll also be running the late game content, giving you a lot of sellable resources, such as engraving books, treasure maps and upgrade materials. So you should be good for cash.

Summary Of Switching Classes

Switching classes is actually a good thing. We’ve all done it at one point and we’re all grateful for the alts it gives us. It can be a long process, but keep in mind, the more classes you play, the more gold you’ll have in the end game, allowing you to buy whatever you want!

If you’re switching to another server to switch classes you will lose all of your progress and none of this information will be applicable! You have been warned.



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