Berserker PvP Guide

Boasting a gigantic two-handed sword and unquenchable rage, Berserker is a force to be reckoned with in PvP. 

He may look like an aggressive rushdown, with unreactable engages and massive numbers on every skill – but looks can be deceiving.

Berserker is a class for the patient. An opportunist. Finding the perfect moment to go in, punishing mistakes and then retreating, juggling initiations with his team and playing around heavy cooldowns and mana issues. With big hitboxes and even bigger damage, Berserker can add great value – but only at precise times. The only way one can tame their inner rage after all, is through restraint.


Required Skill Points : 0









Desired Stats

750 Swiftness and 250 Domination.


Both Awakenings are valid. Chains of Vengeance can immediately charge up Berserker’s Identity and is used for more consistent, AoE damage off of Hard CC. Alternatively, pair up Berserk Fury with Identity activation for massive, 1-shot level damage. Berserk Fury can be charged – either instantly let it go for a quick knockdown or charge it up for additional damage and range.

Alternate pods & skills

Tempest Slash: 3-2-1

Slower cast but lower CD makes it a more consistent damage tool, but may be more difficult in getting Mountain Crash to connect after it for Finishing Strike combos.

Mountain Crash: 3-2-1 or 3-3-1

2nd tier speed pod can help increase Attack Speed to make it more reliable. As you no longer have the slow associated with Mountain Crash, there is no reason to run the 3rd tier pulse effect. Instead, you can gain additional interrupt range (not Hard CC) to surprise enemies and attempt safer peels.

There is also the option to run slow with the range increase, to snipe enemies with the slow effect but giving up the pulse refresh.

Maelstrom: 1-1 or 1-1-1

Usually run at 2nd tier (replacing Diving Slash) or 3rd tier (replacing Wind Blade). Offers a more defensive – albeit stationary – playstyle to Berserker while giving him an additional Push Immunity.


  • Berserker is a high cooldown class. Don’t overcommit and keep track of your teammates’ cooldowns if possible to rotate with them. Although a melee it can be difficult to frontline alone, so try to ensure you’re either capitalising on friendly catches when you don’t have cooldowns to engage yourself.
  • If you’re off the ground, you’re animation locked. Finishing Strike, Tempest Slash, Sword Storm and Diving Slash cannot be interrupted by space. Bloody Rush (Identity) is also an animation lock. Keep this in mind.
  • Use your identity to force a second Push on foes with no ground escape roll. The AoE shout has large range and is all immune while applying Push – not to mention the crit chance increase for the follow up combo.
  • When possible, apply Red Dust before comboing due to the damage taken versus caster debuff applied. Especially useful after Mountain Crash catches before Tempest Blade.