Long-distance support class that uses holy harp to support allies or attack enemies. Your buffs can provide damage increases, damage taken reductions, heals and shields to all party members. Due to the fact that in endgame raids, the number of available potions and deaths is limited, it is very beneficial for the group to have a dedicated support. Bards are one of the most desirable classes for the party play in the game. This comes at the price of your direct damage being very low, but still enough to clear most of the solo content – just slower. In addition you should be acquainted with certain fights to know in which specific moment your buff will grant the biggest advantage for the party.

Special Ability

Your three bars are filling over time after dealing direct damage to enemies or by using certain abilities. Once you have at least one bar full, two special serenade abilities become available. You need to choose wisely which one you want to use because it will burn all your stacks. Serenade of Valor boosts damage of all the party members whereas Serenade of Salvation heals party members over time in large aoe. Power level of your buff is related to how many bars you had filled before using it.

Combat Ratings

Burst Damage
Overall Damage

Skills Overwiev

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