Bard PvP Guide

The epitome of support, Bard is at once a protector, healer and buffer, offering some of the greatest team synergy of any class in PvP.

She may have low defence and HP, but the level of damage reduction and the amount of Paralysis and Push Immune skills in her arsenal make her incredibly difficult to rush down.

Bard is a backline class with an arsenal of support abilities – low cooldown ranged Hard CC, damage and speed buffs, a near unbreakable damage reduction shield, the highest value slow debuff in the game and the unique ability to deny enemy Hard CC. She struggles to carry and deal damage, but her impact in a match is massive. Do not be swayed by the soothing melody of her performance, as each note she plays is one step closer to the outro of her enemies lives.


Required Skill Points : 0









Desired Stats

750 Swiftness and 250 Domination or 250 Endurance.

This is dependent on your level of performance. Endurance is useful for Bard as it increases healing done and shield value, but this only matters if you take enough damage for it to be worth it. Most of Bard’s damage comes during Hard CC or push however 8% less damage taken, 6% more shield power and 9% more heal power or 15% more damage done to targets in CC?


Always use Symphonia for your Awakening. It is a gigantic shield – the cast also inflicts some pretty hefty damage and slows enemies massively, with a stronger debuff the more hits connect. Probably one of the strongest Awakenings in the game.

Alternate pods & skills

Bard’s build is pretty set in stone. There may be some alternative, experimental skills, but the meta build is too well-rounded to have any changes.


  • Do not use your buffs mindlessly. It is important to hold your Guardian Tune for important moments to either give damage reduction or the Hard CC immunity buff. Cycle Heavenly Tune to match the cooldown of your teammates’ damage abilities. You can even use it after Prelude of Storm for a true combo into Soundholic and benefit from the full damage increase.
  • Your Serenade of Salvation (Identity healing) has a healing pool that gets drained for every pulse. If it ticks six times for 2.4k HP with one person on it, having two people on it will make it only tick three times. Three people and it will only tick twice. This happens even if the person standing on it is a full HP. Make way for those that truly need the heal, so you do not inadvertently use up the healing pool points.
  • Rhapsody of Light is what separates a good Bard from a bad one. The skill can make whoever it drops on functionally invincible, even against critical hit Awakenings. Do not waste it – it can completely deny enemy bursts and it has a relatively low cooldown while also being Push Immune. If you can Rhapsody correctly, your team is immortal.