Lost Ark Omnium Stars Guide

After a fairly long journey into Arkesia you’ll reach a place called Punika and get to know its residents. Alongside of that, you will also receive the opportunity to gather a new collectible.

Lost Ark Sea Bounties Guide

As wide as the ocean is, as many are its secrets that lie hidden from plain sight. In order to uncover the secrets of the sea, you need to find treasure maps which will lead you to various destinations.

Lost Ark World Tree Leaves Guide

Being a lifeskiller can be a hard feat with Lost Arks combat being so captivating. However, there is more than just materials to be harvested, there is also a collectible that unlocks a special item further helping you on your lifeskill adventures.

Lost Ark Ignea Tokens Guide

Venturing further into Arkesia, there comes a time where players will have completed the adventurers book (Atlas) and by doing so, obtain their very first Seekers Mark. While definitely on the endurance side of things, it may be well worth your time to complete multiple books in order to obtain more of the marks.

Lost Ark Masterpieces Guide

Showing a more ‘artsy’ side of things, you are tasked to collect a variety of paintings scattered across Arkesia.

Lost Ark Island Tokens Guide

Islands Hearts are a collectible which you will unlock nearing the end of your jounrey to level 50. It starts with a questline at the Island of Afares(names may change). Collecting Island hearts will reward you with a variety of goods ranging from permanent statboosts as well as other collectibles.

Lost Ark Giant Hearts Guide

Further down into your journey in Arkesia, you will have the opportunity to collect more items, one of those being the Giant Hearts. While fewer in number than Mokoko Seeds or Island Hearts, the rewards are nothing less but powerful, making them one of the most important collectibles to boot.

Lost Ark Mokoko Seeds Guide

Mokoko Seeds are the first collectible you encounter on your journey in Lost Ark. The small, green bean-like seeds are scattered across all of Arkesia. Finding and bringing them back to the Elder of the Mokoko Village will grant you  a variety of rewards.