Artillerist PvP Guide

Expert in explosives and packing weapons of mass destruction as part of his standard kit, Artillerist rains hellfire upon his enemies in PvP.

Artillerist has the highest unrollable damage in the game with conventional skills. All it takes is one combo for a 100-0.

Despite Artillerist’s incredibly high damage potential, the class is played mostly at the mid range as an enabler. Gatling Gun is incredibly useful to get catches and keep enemies from moving casually. As space dash is usually his only mobility, it is one of the most important cooldowns to keep for critical periods, but a good artillerist though will feel like an impenetrable wall of bullets and explosive payloads. One mistake is all it takes for a rather literal nuke to end one’s life.


Required Skill Points : 0









Desired Stats

750 Swiftness and 250 Domination.


Always use Heavy Turret for your Awakening. It is good to gain some map control and especially useful as a defensive tool near your own base when in a disadvantageous situation (2v3) or offensively near the enemy base as they respawn to guarantee a catch into the second activation. The base damage from the turret is not particularly high, but the second activation hits incredibly hard. The turret is also an object and can be used to bodyblock enemy dashes.

Alternate pods & skills

Plasma Storm


Takes on a more disruptor based role by inflicting one of the strongest slows in the game with even a single hit of the cloud. If the enemy does not move out, it will Hard CC too. Any of the three tier two pods work, although duration is usually better as it means enemies have to be mindful of it for longer.

Gravitational Explosion

Decent catching skill with a big AoE that can do some heavy damage also inflict Push. Not as high damaging as a combo with Howitzer, but offers more close to mid range neutral catching tools.

Jump Bombardment

A more defensive option that gives Artillerist a way to cover his main weakness: lack of mobility. Sacrifices damage and team utility, but can work for a more independent playstyle.


  • Artillerist may come across as flowcharty at first – Gatling Gun, space dash, Swing, then full combo. The issue is that this is very easily baited and interrupted by the enemy. Save your space dash to reposition after a stun, either by walking up with shield for your Hard CC or using it defensively on enemies going in your team. Only use the space dash offensively if you know you can be safe.
  • Don’t be afraid to use your Air Raid and Homing Barrage outside of combo. Artillerist’s greatest strength outside of Gatling zone control is his ability to force enemies to be mindful of certain areas. While it does take a predictive playstyle, it can be incredibly effective if you learn to peel preemptively and bait enemies to your attacks.
  • Artillerist’s Identity can be clunky to use. It is usually a guaranteed target to many enemy Awakenings or Hard CC into burst damage. Use it either when you have the Hard CC resistance state or when you have absolutely no alternative for survival or damage in a tight situation.
  • Be mindful of supports as they can shut down your combo entirely. Don’t hesitate on target swapping mid combo to get more value.