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As you might have heard or not yet, alts or toons (whatever you may call them) are a very important part of Lost Ark. An alt is a character that is not considered to be your main and usually is lower gearscore and less optimized than your main character. It’s purpose is to either have fun, extend your play time or to generate income for you, especially in Lost Ark.

Importance of alts

In Lost Ark you need resources in order to continue with your gearscore progression. These resources can be either materials or simply gold. Since Lost Ark limits the daily amount of entries to dungeons, raids etc. it is important to extend this limit with alts. By only playing on one single character you will simply not generate enough materials and income to continue upgrading your main character to reach the current endgame. Obviously, you can choose to simply spend money on the game to accelerate the progress and never even make  an alt. Yet, if you are like me and really enjoy Lost Ark, alts are not only a great way to play the game more and longer, they are also an extremely good way to generate income and increase your progression really fast. To sum it up real quick, alts are the best and most efficient way to stay completely free to play in Lost Ark.

Benefits of alts

So in order to understand why Alts are so great, we need to take a look at what they offer that is either sellable on the Auction House or transferable to another character.

Your alts are able to generate the following materials:

  • Weapon Crystals
  • Armour Crystals
  • Breakthrough Stones

These materials are obtained in different ways from different activities that are either limited daily or weekly. After you have obtained those materials, you can then either sell them for Gold or use them on your main to increase the progress of upgrading.

In Tier 1 we have no set gold income which means that Alts will definitely be less valuable than they are down the road in Tier 3. For Tier 1, aka launch content you can still gamble to get a gold portal in your daily chaos Dungeon runs to give you some additional Gold.

Another pretty important resource or income for Alts is the sale of good accessories. Obviously everyone needs to have decent accessories with desired engravings on them and if you happen to drop a nice Grudge + anything valuable accessory with the right stats, it might sell for real big gold. 

Remember that you can get accessories from many activities like Chaos Dungeons, Guardians Raids, Heroic Guardian Raids & Abyss Dungeons. Even if the accessory might have no use to you, someone else might want to buy it so it’s always worth looking through all of your drops to find one that might be appealing to a different player. I suggest to only start selling from Epic type of gear onwards. Rare and Common accessories will not be having any value. The same concept applies to ability stones. Good combinations will be selling on the Auction House for gold. So again, always keep an eye out for good ability stones that you might’ve dropped.

Efficient alt classes

If the sole purpose for you is to play Alts to be efficient and you want to min max your income as much as possible, there’s 4 classes that are the best for alts.

First up are the two supports. Bard and Paladin are really good alt classes since you do not need to optimize them as much as other classes to pull your weight. The strengths of the support comes from their heals, shields and buffs, not from their damage. They also are wanted a lot so it’s very easy to find parties for them! 

To make this clearer, here’s a comparison of required Tier 3 Engravings of a DPS (Shadowhunter) and of a Bard.

The Shadowhunter needs at least 4 up to 5 engravings in Tier 3 Artifact to be viable and do decent damage while the Bard can do their job properly with simply 3 engravings. This is why they require less resources to be effective. Not only that, but another general difference is that you don’t need to upgrade your weapon as much on a support as you need on a DPS. A general rule of thumb is that a dps should have their weapon around 2 or 3 levels above their armour and the support can just go equal. This saves you a lot of gold and materials.

If you do not feel like playing a support, 2 DPS jobs stand out. The Scouter and the Shadowhunter. Both are the transform DPS and have several perks to why they are efficient.

First up are the jewels. A normal DPS class requires multiple jewels to boost their damage and reduce their CDR, this however is not the case for these 2 classes. They only need 2 jewels to be efficient since most of their damage comes from their transformation. It is a given that if you play them as an efficient alt, you need to focus on the transformation playstyle. Here’s a comparison of a standard Alt Jewel set-up vs a Shadowhunter Alt Setup.

As you can see, the difference between the invested jewels of our Scrapper vs our Shadowhunter is quite significant. 

But not only in terms of jewels do our 2 transformation classes shine. Another important part are the tripods which are mandatory for every normal class out there. They increase their damage significantly, while for Skouter and Shadowhunter, they do not need any tripods to increase their damage at all since the form-skills do not have any. Sure, you can and should run some tripods to accelerate the transformation speed but those are usually limited to around 3-4 skills and then you are done.

So all in all, these 2 classes are much cheaper in terms of investment than any other class and are the perfect Alt-Classes.

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