Adventurer’s Tome guide

Adventurer’s Tome is a feature which provides you with rewards based on each continent’s completion percentage. To increase the percentage completion of a continent you need to finish a wide range of tasks, secret stories, dungeons, bosses etc. Once threshold is reached you will be granted predefined rewards which are the same for every player.

How to open Adventurer’s Tome menu?

To open Adventurer’s Tome menu press the “N” button or click Adventure -> Adventurer’s Tome in the right bottom corner of your UI.

How to complete missions in Adventurer’s Tome?

Each continent requires you to complete different activities. All tasks are listed on the main page of continent’s Adventuer’s Tome.

Completion Categories:

  • Finish main quest line
  • Gather listed collectibles
  • Cook listed items
  • Visit listed viewpoints
  • Teleportation platforms (Some of teleportation platforms can be only visited after reaching maximum Rapport with all NPCs on continent)
  • Complete listed dungeons (Both on normal and hard mode)
  • Kill listed monsters
  • Kill listed bosses
  • Complete hidden stories

When I'm eligible for Adventurer’s Tome rewards?

One predefined reward can be obtained after completing every 10% threshold which results in 10 different rewards per continent.

Is completing Adventurer’s Tome mandatory and when should I start doing it?

Competing each continent for 100% is not mandatory. The offered threshold rewards are great and unique, like runes,virtue stats potions,cards and what are the most important skill points. You will be completing some parts of Adventurer’s Tome as part of your natural progression, rest of the tasks can be done as soon as you have time to do so. Adventurer’s Tome is not the most important part of the game and your character progression won’t be strongly affected if you skip it.



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