Lost ark to ban 1million bots very soon

Today, in the continued work to improve the game since launch, SmileGate has announced that that have identified 1,000,000 accounts in Lost Ark connected with illegal in-game gold selling. Gold selling bots have become a plague on the Lost Ark servers, not only selling services that are against the Terms of Service in the game but also filling servers and stopping players from getting online. 

We are very interested to see how this latest development could affect the issues that players in the EU are still having with getting into the game.

Here is what they had to say

Following launch, botting has been a growing issue for Lost Ark. Our team has been hard at work on crafting effective tools and methods to identify and remove bots from the game. As the result of this work, today (3/4) we will be permanently removing over a million illegitimate accounts from the game that have been determined to be running bots.

In this massive ban wave, it is possible that a small number of players may be erroneously identified as bots. We have taken every step possible to prevent that from being the case, but it is possible that edge cases could occur. For any impacted players who were earnestly playing Lost Ark, and not modifying their gameplay in any way, you should appeal a ban by submitting a ticket to our support site 

Maintaining a fair and fun gameplay experience for our players is a top priority for the team. While we intend to make a massive impact with this ban wave, we know that there is more work to be done and want players to know that this is only one step in what will be an active and ongoing process. Looking ahead, we will continue our work on detecting and removing botting, cheating, and harmful behavior from Lost Ark at scale, which includes expanding our anti-cheat tools, improving bot identification methods, and rolling out more ban waves as frequently as is necessary.

Thank you for your reports, your patience, and your ongoing support.

It is really nice to see that the team at SmileGate along with Amazon Game Studios are taking these issues seriously and working to improve the future of the game moving forward.



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